(A/N: I found this half finished in one of my notebooks so I decided to finish it. PruAus fanfic one-shot) 

He didn’t quite know what was going on or when it had happened, but all he knew was it just did. Yet it still left him thinking: when? When had the way Prussia had always barged into his house, unannounced he might add, stopped being so annoying? Since had had he started looking forward to those visits instead of dreading them? When had they way Prussia walked around proclaiming how “awesome” he was started to be endearing to him instead of just egotistical? Since when had he stopped wanting to fight with Prussia and just be nice to him? When had he started to care? Austria sat at his piano and paled when the realization dawned on him. No…he couldn’t be there was no way! Am I falling for Prussia? …Why him of all people? Austria shook his head, he didn’t remember when this had all started, but somehow he knew he couldn’t stop it.

            “Specs~!” The front door banged open and the albino nation’s voice echoed in the entryway.

            Austria wanted to scoff, but he couldn’t do it, instead his heart started pounding like he’d been running. When had I started reacting like this around him? This can’t be good. I can’t let him know.

            “Ah! There you are, I should have expected you to be in the music room! The awesomeness has come to pay you a visit and spice up your boring little life.”  The French doors of the music room burst open as Prussia strode in. “Yo, you got any food? All we have is the boring crap West buys.”

            “Of course.” The brunette stated simply, “what ever is in the kitchen.”


            “Yes, it is in the refrigerator.”

            “Okay then…” Prussia walked into the kitchen, a little put off by the other Germanic nation’s behavior. Austria had yet to yell at him for barging in or for taking his food. The albino shrugged it off and busied himself making a sandwich, trying to make a lot of noise as he did so. It was no fun when Austria didn’t put at least a little fight.

            “Prussia! If you make a mess in there, you better clean it up!”

            Ah, there he is. Prussia finished up and grabbed a beer on his way back to the music room. He smirked a little as he hopped up on top of the piano with his meal.

            “Prussia,” Austria warned, looking up from his sheet music. “Don’t you even think about getting a single crumb on my piano.”           

            “Hey Roddy?”

            “Don’t call me that”

            “What’s up with you today? You never space out like this.”

            “Am I not allowed to have an off day?”

            Well, no, but you didn’t even yell at me for coming over with out notice or for taking your food. Plus, your hate beer, so why would you keep a stock of my favorite brand?” Prussia smirked again, leering at Austria.

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Beautiful :’3

me gusta cuando alguien esta conmigo y me abraza, eso te hace sentir importante, pero y si te maltratan como una amiga que conozco: No es petunia, ni giggles, ni ale, ni lammy, es otra. Y si esa persona te rompe el corazon lloras, la verdad…

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